Polarities Tantra Massage

Polarities Tantra Massage

Using and playing with opposite polarities is not only keeping the receiver fully awaken but it creates very deep energies and profound experience. Take for each part for at least 5 minutes.
This video is skyrocketing without any promotion, so I decided to give it even better an extra buzz.
Excellent gift for humanity.
There is part of this practice what touches the subject of tantric BDSM. I would like to point out a few principles:
1. The balance between the role exchange. The same amount of being submissive as being dominant for both lovers
2. Always out of Love and with Love
3. Total control of the submissive person on everything that is happening. He/she is always able to raise the hand to soften up or even to stop the practice
4. It is work with the trust what you could not lose
5. It is a space to feel and express the emotions what usually we suppressed in our beings
6. No “real” wounds
7. End with lot’s of Love
Something else?
Use it, don’t lose it. Stay Connected. Share Love (with this video)

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Massage by Michal Kali Griks.


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