How To Give A Sensual Massage

How To Give A Sensual Massage — How to give a sensual massage – how to turn her on with sensual massage.

A sensual massage or erotic massage doesn’t necessarily mean sex. It is still a massage but can incorporate different strokes and techniques that may not be used in a traditional massage. Sensual Massages are used by couples to express feelings and to provide the recipient with a wonderful sensual experience. Remember it is about giving even though the energy during the massage will go both ways.

We have put together some basic steps to consider when giving a sensual massage to your partner or as a practitioner to client.


The environment is critical. Create a sensual environment with a combination of lighting, sounds, scents and temperature. The temperature of the room should be set so that it is warm enough for the massage to be done with limited or no clothing. More often than not a sensual massage is performed undraped


Make sure you are showered and well groomed. Pay particular attention to the hands and nails. If you Are a guy and plan to massage a girl then be sure that body hair is well groomed. Remember to think about the recipient and what they like.


Particularly before the massage, a warm bath with the therapist washing the receivers body is a fantastic way to relax into the touch of massage.


If your client or partner is a little nervous then cover the buttock initially explaining that the towel can be removed as they become more comfortable. A nude body makes for a more sensuous experience with uninterrupted strokes and the even the use of the body as the massaging tool…. ie bodyslide.


You can ask before starting if there is anything the person doesn’t want touched or doesn’t like. This helps you get a sense of how comfortable the person is and how to progress the sensual aspects of the massage.


Follow your own techniques if you have been trained, otherwise begin with the tension filled areas: back, shoulders, neck, and, for some, the lower back and buttocks. The feet can be done last before the person turns over so you can wash your hands before starting on the font. Keep movement fluid, and try to flow from one area to the next in long slow strokes. Try to avoid losing skin contact at any time. Use enough oil or lotion but be careful not to use too much. Enough is when the hands move freely over the skin.


People vary drastically in their preferences concerning massage whether it is sensual or therapeutic. Try a combination of light, ultra-light and moderate pressures. Deep tissue is not often considered sensual but again the person receiving may have a different idea. Encourage the recipient to let you know what feels good and what does not. Your subsequent massages with that person will quickly improve based on feedback.


Progress to after a fair amount of relaxation has occurred, to include the inner thighs, behind the knees, inner wrists, face and other known sensitive areas. As you give a sensual massage include long gliding strokes and for the non-ticklish, fingertip massage or feathering touches. Be guided by body language and if in doubt ask if touch to certain areas is ok.

One of the best ways to turn on your lover is to give a very sensual and sexual massage. Most women love a lot of foreplay, so a sensual massage can be a real turn on. If you swap places, you can learn all about receiving as well as how to give pleasure to your lover.

Most of us are very focused on business, kids etc, so receiving a massage is a great way to get more relaxed.

Massage is a great way to focus from our thoughts to feelings and our bodies pleasures

The best way to give a good massage is to use a massage table. These days these are available on eBay for less than you might think. However, a bed or a mattress on the floor is good too.

Having some towels to place under your lovers body is a way to avoid oil stains. Warming up the oil is a nice touch. One can create a nice vibe using some relaxation music.

You need at least one hour to really let your lover relax into your touch.

Bring some energy into your palms by rubbing them together. Then gently hold your lover and hold for a few minutes. Most guys rush so really slow down the speed of your strokes.

How To Start An Erotic Massage

I like to start a massage with fur and feathers. So slow strokes up the whole body from the head to the toes feels really sexy.

Most of the time I like to blow over my lover from the feet up the body to the neck area. When the body is relaxed one can use more pressure on those tight areas in the sexual massage. Sucking the toes and fingers can be highly arousing.

Erotic Massage Strokes

Learn how to touch your lovers g spot with my totally free sexuality and erotic massage newsletter below. If you are a female, learn over 15 penis massage stimulation strokes too.


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